Work Samples | Flutter !

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I have published my own Flutter package named contactus.
contactus helps the developer to easily add their contact details which can be integrated to flutter app for android, ios and for web.

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Superheroes + Wikipedia = Superpedia!!
It gives Power Stats about various superheroes. Users can also download wallpaper of that hero!

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It is a simple app that provides random HD Wallpapers
Using this app, users can view the wallpapers, download it and set wallpaper on home or lockscreen or both

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K Poshak NX

It is an app for K Poshak NX, Valsad
Using this app, users can view the new stock, download images and also contact the owner!!
In simple words, it is an online gallery app with an Admin Side too!!
The Admin can add new images, add multiple images and delete images

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WhatsApp DM

WhatsApp DM is an app that allows users
to send message to unsaved contact number on WhatsApp!!

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Shopping UI Implementation

It's UI Implementation for Shopping App using Flutter

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Lifeline is an app to connect Blood, Plasma, Platelets Donors with those in need.

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ToDO is a simple app to note your task down!!
Smooth UI, No Internet Required, Secure!!

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Productly is an app that will help users
to know the product manufacturing country!!
Users can scan the barcode of the product and the app will display the country name.

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Flash Chat

Flash Chat is a group chatting app
It is powered by Firebase to store messages.
Users can register themselves and can chat with each other.

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Weatherify is a weather detection app!!
App fetches current location and gives current temperature.
Users can also check the weather of any city by searching for that city!!!

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Vision is an app for helping blind people!!
Users can capture the image of a paper and the app will recognize the text!
This text is converted to audio which the users can hear!!!

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BITS Grievance 

BITS Girevance is a student grievance portal designed and developed for Babaria Institute of Technology, Vadodara.
Students can fill out the complaints they have during their academic year.
The admin can easily view the complaints and solve them.

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CCRS is a Citizen/Client Complaint Redressal System. This app helps the citizens or client of a particular organization to file complaints.
I, along with my fellow developers created this and showcased at Build For Digital India, Google
GDG Appfest, GDG Baroda
Gujarat Industial Hackathon

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CIS is a Crop Identification System using which a user can upload an image and he/she will get all the relevant information about that crop.
The user can also search for a particular crop using it's local name.

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An app for Women Safety.
Users when in danger, can press the volume up button to send SOS message to registered contact number and also police.
One addition feature is that, when the user is in unknown location, she can check whether that place is dangerous or safe.

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Live Library

Student Version of Library Management System
The students can view which books are issued on their id card.
They can also check which books are available in Library and are in which rack number.

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Likhit Lamhe

An app where the users can store their personal data. They can also upload images for the same.

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QR Code Generator

QR Code is a small picture that contains certain hidden message/information
It can be used to share your information too

QR Code Generator can be used to create your own QR Code!!

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A small app for local dealers who don't usually create bills.
To track their daily sales and earnings, they can use Exhibition.